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The Trillium Forest

The Trillium Forest is a place where many magical beings live. It's a small pocket of enchantment and mystery located in the Appalachian region of the United States, and named after a native flower abundant throughout it.

Very few humans have ever been allowed to enter, as it's home to many precious and amazing plants and creatures! One must demonstrate respect and care for the Earth and its inhabitants before you are allowed access to this magical place.

I spend much of my time traveling through the Trillium Forest, studying the forest and documenting species' I discover.

In my travels through the forest, I have discovered the following regions:

  • Firefly Field - A large open field at the entrance of the Forest. This place gets its name for a reason, at night the walk is completely illuminated by fireflies! 

  • The Fungi Kingdom – Home to many varieties of magical mushroom creatures!

  • The Little Witch’s Cabin – Home to an aging small woman who has served as caretaker to the Forest for many years. She took me on as her full-time apprentice in 2015, to teach me her ways of living life as a Green Witch and as a guardian of the lands so that I could one day take over her duties. In the Cabin we conduct lots of experiments, such as enchanting foods and objects around us. As a result we’ve created quite the concentration of magickal energy, attracting all kinds of faerie creatures to her home!

  • The Magic Garden – A small herb, vegetable and fruit garden originally planted (and abandoned) by ecological researchers, and now looked after by the Little Witch and myself. Expanded to include a greenhouse in the Fall of 2018 for faerie plant research.

  • The Moonrise Caverns - An area of caves where you can find Crystal Sprites and other nocturnal creatures.

  • The Crystal Stream and Falls – A stream that runs through the forest, culminating at a small waterfall and oasis in the heart of the Forest. Many water creatures live here. Even though the water is very clear, the tint of it changes color throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky.

  • The Flower Faerie Garden - An area of the Forest that gets a lot of sunshine, resulting in a mix of perennial native species' of flowers growing here!

Welcome to the Trillium Forest!

Click the images below to learn about the major regions of the Trillium Forest and the types of the magical creatures that can be found there!