The Little Witch's Cabin

I discovered the Trillium Forest in the Fall of 2015, and stumbled across a small cabin on the outskirts of the woods. Already being aware of my presence by her lookouts, a unusually small woman invited me in for tea and to offer me an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. The Little Witch is aging you see and foresaw a time when she could no longer tend to the Magic Garden and serve as caretaker to the enchanted forest and the creatures that surrounded her. She took me on as a full-time apprentice and to teach me her ways of living life as a Green Witch. In the Cabin we conduct lots of experiments, such as enchanting objects and food around us. Many magical creatures like to come and visit her home as well!

The creatures we have conjured or discovered so far in her Cabin include:

  • Various Foods
  • House Brownie
  • Enchanted Candles
  • Enchanted Magickal Ingredients