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The Fungi Kingdom

In this region of the Trillium Forest you can find mushroom creatures that live here, known as Mushlings. 

Mushlings are responsible for communication across the entire forest! If any creature is having a problem or needs to spread word about something, they can share that with one of these enchanted 'shrooms. Mushlings contain a vast underground network of mycelium (basically mushroom roots) that they use to share information between each other and with other plants as well. While Mushlings do have mouths and can talk a bit, they rely on sending messages from their minds down to their mycelia to get the word out!

I have discovered the following Mushling varieties in this area:

  • Amanitas
  • Chanterelles
  • Morels
  • Death Caps 
  • Amethyst Deceiver
  • Shaggy Mane