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Trillium Forest Discovery Box

Next Creature of Focus: Tree-Frogs

Pre-Order Date: March 6 @ 12 PM EST

Shipping Date: By or before April 15.

In our next Trillium Forest Discovery Box, we will be taking a deeper look at the Tree-Frogs! A frog-like creature that magically evolved from the Spring Peeper, Tree-Frogs are made of bark and wood and often have mushrooms growing from their backs. I look forward to sharing all that I've learned about them through my ongoing observations. 

The mission of this box is to share an in-depth look at the creatures I discover in the Trillium Forest and to provide a fun and magical way to connect with the real, natural world. Every box comes with the following:

  • A limited edition, blind box creature sculpture
  • A nature-based activity that corresponds with the time of year and/or creature
  • A vinyl sticker of the creature of focus
  • My field notes about the creature 
  • My periodical entitled, 'Tread Lightly,' focused on environmental science and sustainability issues


This box is made from a majority of recycled materials, and all of the packaging and printed contents within the box are made from recycled materials and/or FSC certified sources.