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The Trillium Forest novel is now underway (title TBD!)

For years I've been dreaming about bringing the Trillium Forest and all the short stories I have written about its characters and creatures into a full fantasy adventure novel. That dream is currently being realized as I have officially begun writing! The process is very slow-going, with no hard deadline in sight. As I humbly take on this gigantic project in addition to the day to day work of creating my sculptures, I have much to learn about the process of storytelling and writing. I am bringing together my love and passions for nature, forest conservation, magical creatures, witchcraft, herbalism, foraging and more into a journey that feels closer to an autobiography than simply a tale of fiction.

Working Summary (under construction and subject to change!):

An anxious young woman inadvertently finds herself with a huge burden to navigate, helping an enchanted forest of creatures fight off “the woolies,” an invader that is consuming and killing the oldest and wisest Dryads. In order to help combat this hostile presence she takes up residence with the Forest's caretaker, a reclusive witch who lives in a cabin on its perimeter. Along the journey she learns that to help the faeries, she must also fight her own enemies within.