Next Shop Update: TBA!


I currently do not accept either.

I update my shop usually 1-2 times a month with new creatures and I also offer an every other month subscription box. You can learn more about the box here.

I announce the time and date of my shop updates on my social media accounts and in my email newsletter. My work usually sells out very quickly so its best to be waiting at the time of the update in my online store, already knowing who you would like to try to adopt. I also sometimes do auctions for one of a kind pieces, which I also announce on social media and in my email newsletter.

I encourage you to sign up from my website, where I send a list of who is available with prices before my updates. Thanks so much for your interest!

My work really ranges depending on the piece. The current range of offerings is anywhere from $75-$600. I try to have a variety of price ranges in my shop updates.

I sculpt my creatures using a mix of polymer clay and epoxy clay, or digitally sculpt them in either Nomad Sculpt or Zbrush. In 2021 I transitioned from molding and casting my sculptures with silicone and polyurethane resin to 3d printing my designs with biodegradable, plant-based resin. I hand paint all my figures with with acrylic paint. I make all of my own glass eyes. I also like to use other mixed media materials such as resin, wood, twine, artificial plants, and more to make my creations as life-like as possible!

I'm getting more and more requests to get my artwork tattooed, and what an amazing and huge honor this is!

All I ask is a few things. Please click here for more info and to donate to my tattoo tip jar!

Due to the characteristics of my personality, I usually make a single, limited edition batch of a creature design only, or it is one of a kind. I am constantly trying to improve my skill and add depth to my work, so while I will often remake a creature THEME (such as acorns or flowers), I usually will not produce a second batch of a specific character design. My creatures follow the seasonal calendar of the southeastern region of the United States and many of my popular designs will come back again the following year in new form!