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Through a difficult upbringing, Jackie found refuge in nature and her imagination. She would split her time between drawing, writing, or "conducting research" for days in the woods. Often times the only place she could find any connection or joy was in the magical world of colors and textures that exists only in the forest. That foundation of cherishing nature and art has carried with her into adulthood. After pursuing two University degrees in environmental studies, it was in graduate school that Jackie decided to align her love of art and her passion for environmental conservation. ​As a result she created the Trillium Forest, creating mixed media fantasy creatures that come from this enchanted world to bring attention to the importance and magic of forest ecology and preservation.

Her pieces are hand sculpted using clay or digitally sculpted and 3-D printed with plant-based, biodegradable resin. Her drawings are created in Procreate.

Jackie has many collectors, both locally and internationally, and sells her work online as well as participates in gallery shows.