Trillium Forest Discovery Box

October Creature of Focus: Kelpie

Purchase Date: NOW SOLD OUT! September 12 @ 5 PM EST 

Shipping Date: By or before Oct. 15!

October's Trillium Forest Discovery Box creature and theme will be the Kelpie! Haunting rivers, streams and other waterbodies, this magical water-horse beast is known for being unfriendly to humans. It is said that those who have tried to mount and ride one of these malevolent spirits would meet an untimely death as they are taken into the body of water never to return to the surface. Although, something is different about the Kelpies in the Trillium Forest...they are actually only a few inches in size! I believe this is attributed to the fact that there are only small streams available in this region for them to inhabit. While they might be short-statured, they are still plenty vicious. Their venomous bite is very painful and can leave a toe or a finger throbbing for hours after! 

The mission of this subscription box is to share an in-depth look at the creatures I discover in the Trillium Forest and to provide a fun and magical way to connect with the real, natural world. Every other month, I release a box with a creature of focus and a nature-based activity that corresponds with it!  

Every box comes with the following:

  • 1 or 2 limited edition, blind box creature sculptures (depending on what tier you purchase)
  • A nature-based activity that corresponds with the time of year and/or creature
  • A vinyl sticker of the creature of focus
  • My field notes about the creature 
  • A herbal highlight card, where we learn about a medicinal plant and/or herb  and tips for how to incorporate it into our lives
  • My periodical entitled, 'Tread Lightly,' focused on environmental science and sustainability issues

I offer a limited number of new subscription and one-time purchase slots each cycle. There are two box tiers to choose from, The Trillium Forest Discovery Box ($75 plus shipping) and the TWO-IN-ONE Trillium Forest Discovery Box ($135 plus shipping)!

Subscribers get the benefit of securing their purchase for future boxes to come. This means no anxious waiting and no competing at shop updates - your spot is secured and your payment is automatically deducted each billing cycle. You can also pause your subscription or cancel at any time! Subscribers can also change tiers at any time, so if you want to upgrade for just one box, but then go back to the original tier for the next, you can! 

This box is made from a majority of recycled materials, and all of the packaging and printed contents within the box are made from recycled materials and/or FSC certified sources.

SUBSCRIBERS PLEASE NOTE: Your automatic payment will be collected the morning of the release date. If your automatic payment fails, the system will attempt the next day to collect again. You should get an email notifying you of the issue. If 2 failed payments occur, your subscription will be automatically cancelled. If you have not received an email confirmation of the subscription deduction, please assume there has been an issue with your purchase and reach out to me or sign in to your account to update your payment method!


Here is what was inside past subscription boxes:


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