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Snork the Snailamander

Snork is a Northern Red Snailamander discovered in Florida while on my travels on the Mobile Magick Lab. 

Species Profile:

Taxonomy:  Gastrourodela
Common Name:  Snailamander
Diet: Worms, slugs, snails and larvae.
Habitat: Can be terrestrial, aquatic or both depending on the subspecies.
Physiology:  Body of a salamander with antennae and shell of a snail. Colors vary based on subspecies. 
Magical Abilities: Move at unmeasurable high speeds, could be by teleportation.


This art toy is made from my own original sculpt, and molded and casted in resin. It is painted with acrylic paint and made my own handmade glass eyes.

This Snailamander measures approximately 3" long x 1.5" tall  x 1.5" wide, is not a children's toy and is for indoor use only.

Please do not store in a planter, garden or anywhere that gets saturated with water, as it will deteriorate the paint and harm the sculpture.