Lowen the Lilytad


  • Product Description

      Lowen is a Lilytad from the Crystal Stream of the Trillium Forest. 

      Species Profile:

      Taxonomy:  Aquidae anodela
      Common Name:  Lilytad
      Diet:  Omnivorous. Consume algae, crickets, beetles, worms, and other insects.
      Habitat:  Live in water but breath air. Usually found on, or hiding under, lilypads. 
      Physiology:  Can be a range of colors. Have either only two back legs and tail or four legs and tail, depending on stage of development. Skin must remain wet at all times.
      Magical Abilities: Currently unknown, more observation needed.


      This art toy is made from my own original sculpt, casted in resin, and painted with acrylic paint. It is also made with my own handmade glass eyes.

      This Lilytad measures approximately 1" tall x 3" wide is not a children's toy and is for indoor use only.

      IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: Do not store in a planter or anywhere that will be saturated with water, as it will deteriorate the sculpture.

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