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Gourdo the Faerie Gourd

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Gourdo is a Faerie Gourd grown in the Magic Garden of the Trillium Forest

Species Profile:

Taxonomy: Cucurbita x faeus
Common Name:  Faerie Gourd
Diet:  Does not require external nutrients.
Habitat:  Mother plant needs full sun to grow and well-draining soil. They require a long growing season, taking 100-180 days to mature.
Physiology:  Range of colors and combinations from orange, yellow, green and white.
Magical Abilities: Currently unknown.



This art toy is made from my own original sculpt, casted in resin and painted with acrylic paint. It also is made with my own handmade glass eyes.

This Gourd measures approximately 3" tall x 2" wide, is not a toy to be played with, and is for indoor use only.