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Discovery Box: Morel Mushlings

Mood | Happy

Eye Color | Rainbow

This box will be available for pre-order on March 30 @ 12 PM EST.

In this Trillium Forest Discovery Box, we will be taking a deeper look at Morel Mushlings! Mushlings are responsible for communication across the entire forest! If any creature is having a problem or needs to spread word about something, they can share that with one of these enchanted 'shrooms. In addition to this, each Mushling is unique and has it's own characteristics and magical abilities based on it's physiology and ecology.

Please allow up to 5 weeks from your purchase date for your box to be shipped.

You can expect the following with your purchase:

-A limited edition Morel Mushling sculpture

-A nature-based activity and educational info that corresponds with the time of year and creature

-A vinyl sticker of a Morel Mushling

-My field notes about the creature

The "2-in-1" option gets you 2 sculptures in one box with 2 vinyl stickers and one set of papers and documents. If you choose this option please add a comment with your order, or email me, with what moods and eye colors you would like, otherwise I will choose 2 different options at random.

This Morel Mushling measures approximately 3" tall x 1.25" wide.

I do not accept returns.

This sculpture is made from my own original digital sculpt, 3D printed using plant-based resin, as well as sculpted with epoxy clay and painted with acrylics. It is also made with my own handmade glass eyes.

PLEASE NOTE each face is still hand-sculpted and unique so yours will not look 100% like the ones pictured, though I do my best to create the same general appearance, details and coloration.

This box is made from a majority of recycled materials, all of the packaging and printed contents within the box are 100% recyclable and all of the paper used is sustainably sourced and/or FSC certified.