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Morella the Morel Mushling

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Morella is a Morel Mushling discovered in the Fungi Kingdom of the Trillium Forest. Morel Mushlings are an extremely rare occurrence as they can only be found in the spring season and are very difficult to find.

Taxonomy:  Fungiformidae var. Morchella
Common Name:  Morel Mushling
Diet: Absorbs nutrients from plant and animal matter around them. 
Habitat: Found in forests early-to-mid April until June. They like loamy soil around tulip poplar, oak, ash, aspen, and elm trees.
Physiology:  Identifiable by distinct, hole filled cap and white-ish bodies. Have typical Mushling anatomy of droopy elf ears, tentacle-like arms and bulbous eyes.
Magical Abilities: Communicate amongst each other through mycelia networks in the ground.

This art toy is made from my own original sculpt and molded and casted in resin. It is painted with acrylic paint and made with my own handmade glass eyes. This piece stands on a wood base with preserved moss.

This Mushling measures approximately 4.5" tall x 3" wide, is not a children's toy and is for indoor use only.