Harpy the Whisper Hummingbird Gryphon


  • Product Description

      Harpy is a Hummingbird Gryphon infected with the Whisper Virus, which originates from The Menagerie MacLeod and has recently spread to the Trillium Forest. Harpy was discovered in the Magic Garden of the Trillium Forest. 

      According to the research of The Menagerie MacLeod, this Virus affects magical creatures randomly. When an infection takes hold, it begins as a small discoloration on the skin. As it spreads through the creature's body, other symptoms include the loss of senses such as hearing, smell, taste, and sight. They are overtaken by a sudden need for warmth, causing them to seek out sunlight or other heat sources. Finally, touch-sensitive mushrooms will sprout from the infected creature’s body. 


      This art toy is made from my own original sculpt, casted in resin and painted with acrylic paint. The mushrooms are sculpted with epoxy clay and it also is made with my own handmade glass eyes. This humming-gryphon comes with a white cage.

      This Humming-gryphon measures approximately 3" tall x 1" wide itself, and the cage is 5.5" tall x 3.5" wide. This is not a toy to be played with, and is for indoor use only.