October Trillium Forest Discovery Box


  • Product Description

      October's Trillium Forest Discovery Box will be focusing on the elusive Will O' the Wisp! These creatures are an atmospheric ghost light that are most often seen hovering over bogs, swamps and other water bodies. They have more of an infamous reputation in that they are known to lead travelers astray, and possibly to their doom, if they become entranced and attempt to follow the haunting orb.

      Since this box will be released in the height of Spooky Season, I wanted to delve into sharing about one of the Unseelie Fae that I've come across in the Trillium Forest!

      This box will ship out within the FIRST TWO WEEKS OF OCTOBER. With a subscription purchase you save 10% every time, and get the box automatically sent to you every other month!

      While the specific contents of the box will be a surprise until it arrives at your doorstep, you can expect the following with your purchase:

      -A mini to small size creature sculpture (Please note this box does not include a full size piece of my artwork normally available in my shop updates.)
      -A nature-based activity that corresponds with the creature.
      -Notes and diagrams about the creature of discovery and the region that it was discovered in.
      -A high quality 5 x 7 photography print of the full size creature.
      -A vinyl sticker of the creature of focus.
      -Either a botanical offering from my apothecary, Seeing Stone Botanicals, or farm, Den Hill Permaculture, or an important tool for magic.
      -An eco-living periodical, "Tread Lightly" written by yours truly with new tips in each box!

        I do not accept returns. The sculptural contents of this box are made from my own original sculpt, and I mold and cast them in resin myself. All of my artwork is not a children's toy and is for indoor use only. Please do not store in a planter, garden or anywhere that gets saturated with water, as it will deteriorate the sculpture.