Trillium Forest Discovery Box


  • Product Description

      February's Trillium Forest Discovery Box will be focusing on Crystal Sprites! These magical formations come from the Moonrise Caverns of the Trillium Forest. I first discovered this region a while back, when I followed what I thought was a small deer trail off the main path of the forest. There are many crystal creatures that live here, both deep inside and on the outer rock walls of the caves.


      Subscribers get the benefit of securing their purchase for future boxes to come. This means no anxious waiting and no competing at shop updates - your spot is secured and your payment is automatically deducted each billing cycle. You can also change your subscription or cancel at any time! 

      You can expect the following with your purchase:

      -A limited edition Blind Box Crystal Sprite - the color is a surprise and the ones pictured are just possible examples, but there may be other variations!

      -A nature-based activity that corresponds with the creature

      -A vinyl sticker of a Crystal Sprite

      -My field notes about the creature

      -A herbal highlight card, where we learn about a medicinal plant and/or herb and tips for how to incorporate it in our lives

      -My periodical entitled, 'Tread Lightly,' focused on environmental issues and sustainable living 

      SUBSCRIBERS PLEASE NOTE: If your automatic payment fails, the system will attempt the next day to collect again. You should get an email notifying you of the issue. If 2 failed payments occur, your subscription will be automatically cancelled. If you have not received an email confirmation of the subscription deduction, please assume there has been an issue with your purchase and reach out to me or sign in to your account to update your payment method!

      I do not accept returns.

      The sculptural contents of this box are made from my own original sculpt, and I mold and cast them in resin myself. All of my artwork is not a children's toy and is for indoor use only. Please do not store in a planter, garden or anywhere that gets saturated with water, as it will deteriorate the sculpture.